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  • 50 high fives SWCA furie

    50 High Fives at STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2015

    Never Ending Radical Dude’s Jason Furie, Mark Espinosa, and Derek Hansen head on over to Anaheim California for the STAR WARS CELEBRATION where all your favorite cosplayers from a galaxy far far away come out to have some...
  • 100-mandalorians

    100 Mandalorians at STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2015

    Ever wonder if anyone dresses up like a Mandalorian at a Star Wars convention? Ya know, that group of people that all look like Boba Fett. Well, come find out as Jason Furie and Mark Espinosa scour the convention floor halls at...
  • star wars force awakens teaser break down featured

    STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS Teaser #2 Detailed Break Down Video

    So you have seen the 2 minute long second teaser for the upcoming STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS right!? Ok, but have you listened to 3 drunk ass cranky nerds discuss it in extreme detail for 40 minutes? We screen grab our favori...
  • Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.18.46 PM

    STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2015: Battlefront Gameplay Reactions!

    Here at the STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2015 in Anaheim, CA Jason Furie and Derek Hansen got a chance to see a behind-closed-doors exclusive presentation for EA’s upcoming BATTLEFRONT video game that included about 7 minutes of...
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  • Civil War 02
  • jungle featured
  • The Huntsman 02
  • walkdead delight featured
  • starwarsrebels featured
  • Daredevil François Vigneault featured
  • batman v superman matt harding featured
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • matt harding x-files season 10 featured
  • ANUBIS THING featured
  • FF Type 0 HD
  • mike mcg ash vs evil dead starz featured
  • FF 15 Online
  • vincent kukua deadpool featured
  • hailnerdceasar
  • drwho
  • Revenant - Kitty Rouge featured
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  • heart sea
  • adam cahoon the force awakens nerd featured
  • good dino nerd jason furie
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  • victorfrankenstien
  • hunger games mockingjay 2 matt delight featured
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  • jason-furie-smash-bros-wiiu-review-nerd
  • spectre adam cahoon featured
  • wet hot american summer

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star trek beyond trailer paramount

New STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Gets Fast and Furious

With J.J. Abrams exiting stage left into that galaxy far far away, it’s time for some new blood to take the helm of the beloved STAR TREK franchise. Enter FAST & FURIOUS director Justin Lin. Apologies to anyone that c...
Civil War 02
jungle featured
Hail, Casar!
jason bourne universal
The Huntsman 02
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SUPERGIRL Season 2 will be on the CW! My Thoughts…

Ahhh, CW.  Forever picking up the comic book scraps from all the other networks. When it was first announced that season 1 of SUPERGIRL would be on CBS, I was skeptical. I couldn’t figure out why DC wanted to split up t...
game of thrones season 6 HBO
walkdead delight featured
starwarsrebels featured
Daredevil François Vigneault featured
matt harding x-files season 10 featured
got red band tariler 6 hbo
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zelda wiiu nx nintendo featured

Nintendo Delays LEGEND OF ZELDA on Wii U Giving us All Déjà Vu

Let’s just rip the bandaid off…THE LEGEND OF ZELDA for the Wii U is now delayed until 2017. Ouch! Fans of the franchise are no stranger to delays and I must admit that a part of me appreciates it. While my greasy li...
battlefeild 1 ea
gears of war 4 microsoft
FFXV square enix featured
playstation vr sony
FF Type 0 HD
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head lopper 3 image James Stokoe featured

Top 5 Comic Book Picks for March 2016

1. HEAD LOPPER #3 / Image Comics Written by Andrew Maclean / Art by Andrew Maclean Writer/artist Andrew Maclean’s HEAD LOPPER is so damn cool. Swords, blood, magic, heroes, villains, good, evil, mystery, action, and o...
worst xman ever marvel walsh featured
xmen 92 marvel featured
star wars 15 marvel mike mayhew featured
superman american alien ryan sook featured dc
xmen danger room protocols joel furtado
star wars 12 marvel stuart immonen featured