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deadpool, ew, marvel

Solid Look at Ryan Reynolds as DEADPOOL…Again

We don’t normally create posts from single images or screenshots from movies but this solid look (courtesy of EW) at Ryan Reynolds (or some stunt double) is just too cool not to share. I mean crap look at that image! The ...
Inside Out - Kitty Rouge (smaller)
katie bacigalupi jurassic world featured
tom holland spider man Photograph Richard Saker
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matt delight black sails featured

BLACK SAILS Season 2 Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!! Of all the various shows I follow, BLACK SAILS is the one I am most conflicted about, and while that has lessened a bit with the conclusion of season two, I’m still not sure if this show is becoming ...
The Flash CW
Better Call Saul evan dent
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Let’s All Support SHENMUE 3!

The long awaited (long hoped for?) sequel to SHENMUE 2 was officially announced at this year’s E3 during the Sony press conference. Between creator Yu Suzuki buying the rights to the franchise from Sega (thanks Sega!) and...
final fantasy 7 remake square enix sony
uncharted 4 e3 naughty gog sony
for honor ubisoft e3
Star-Wars-Battlefront ea e3 dice
halo 5 343 industries microsoft
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secret wars marvel

Top 5 Comic Book Picks for May 2015

1. SECRET WARS #1 and #2 / Marvel Comics Written by Jonathan Hickman / Art by Esad Ribic What can I say!? The entire Marvel universe (both of them!) is forever changed and everything big and bold is happening in the main 8-p...