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    POWER RANGERS (2017) Teaser Trailer Reaction Video

    POWER RANGERS is being rebooted for the big screen and we finally get an official trailer to sink our teeth into. We’re very excited for this franchise to be back in action so we thought we’d record our reaction to ...
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    Cooler Than Cooler w/ Jason Furie Ep. 1: DC on the CW

    In Episode #1 guest Matt DeLight and I talk about just how cool DC is on The CW as we look forward to the 2016 TV season premiering this week. ARROW, FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, and now SUPERGIRL. Need we say more? “COOLE...
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    Pokemon Go Go Go! How Do You Like It? Ep. 1

    Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Whatever the case, POKEMON GO is sweeping the globe and there’s no denying its popularity. I decided to venture out and see how people like it. It’s great to see how divisive this litt...
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    20 Cool Things We Saw at SAN FRANCISCO COMIC CON 2016

    Jason Furie and Mark Espinosa travel to the first annual San Francisco Comic Convention! Join us as we scour the convention floor looking for cool things. Comic books, cosplayers, toys, artists, and more wit us on out adventure...
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LOGAN Movie Trailer Will Break Your Heart

Director James Mangold, who directed 2013’s THE WOLVERINE, is back at the helm with the newest X-MEN film in 20th Century Fox’s long running franchise simply named LOGAN. If the above trailer is any indication, we a...
matt delight legends of tomorrow featured
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ARROW Season 5 Premiere Review

Breath a sigh of relief. It was dope. Straight to the dome…Dee Ohh Pee Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.(with falsetto) DOPE. For real, ARROW Season 5 Premiere is like 419 lungs worth of breath of fresh air. In so far that it’s taking from ...
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Introducing NINTENDO SWITCH, Nintendo’s Newest Console

Nintendo has officially announced their next console the NINTENDO SWITCH to be released March 2017. The NINTENDO SWITCH boasts the ability to be played both at home on your television screen and “on-the-go” with a d...
Diego Gomez Sunset Overdrive featured
Pokemon Go Go Go Logo featured
recore microsoft
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GOTHAM Season 3, First Three Episodes Review And So Much More!

Warning: hella spoilers. obviously. This is a Season Premiere, first three episode bundle review. Normally, we just get talk about the Season Premiere, buuuuuut: 1.) We’re already a couple episodes in. 2.) Frankly, with GOTHA...
snotgirl image leslie hung featured