There’s a new pop-culture phenomenon in town and its name is POKEMON GO from Nintendo and Niantic Labs. How could we not cover the hell out of this!? We’ve come up with a new series called “POKEMON GO GO GO, How Do You Like It?” that explores the divisive nature of this new iOS and Android game.

Pokemon Go Go Go, How do you like it? is a series from NEVER ENDING RADICAL DUDE exploring the divisive opinions of the pop-culture phenomenon that is POKEMON GO! Step aside sports and pogs, there’s a new obsession on the block. Love it or hate it, POKEMON GO is here and everyone has a damn opinion.

Check out the teaser below that will double as the intro for each video. Basically, we are just going to travel around whatever town we are in and ask people “How do you like it?”. We think you’ll be surprised by how many love it, hate it, or have no opinion whatsoever. This is going to be fun! Trust us! Be sure to tune in to the first episode coming soon.

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