E3 2018 is in full swing and it’s a glorious, glorious time for video game fans across the globe! But here’s the rub, the announcements are coming so fast and furious that we’re already buried in awesomeness. This is a good problem to have. This year, we thought we’d save you countless hours by highlighting the top 3 coolest things from each major press conference. For those wanting it all, you can watch the entire conference in the video above!

Sony stole the show this year, choosing just 3 cool things was hard as hell.


Anytime a Naughty Dog game shows up at E3 they steal the damn show. THE LAST OF US PART II was no exception. The original THE LAST OF US is arguably one of the best games of all time. I’m beyond stoked for this sequel. And it was refreshing to see so much gameplay footage during an E3 that had a heavy reliance of cutscenes and teases. While I’m not sure this will be releasing anytime soon, Thinking mid to late 2019, it nice to see the progress. Everything about the above trailer was just perfect.


Damn. This was a pleasant surprise. If I wasn’t so obsessed with THE LAST OF US franchise, this would easily be game of the showcase, maybe even of all E3 2018. I admit, after that rad DEVIL MAY CRY sequel announcement, I thought this was an ONIMUSHA sequel. Maybe next year. GHOST takes place in 1274 during a Mongol invasion of Japan. You play one of the last remaining Samurai as you fight agains the deadly invaders. My jaw was on the floor from start to finish. I can’t wait to learn more about this new game.


I like weird shit. I like video games. This means DEATH STRANDING is something I will like. Legendary game creator Jideo Kojima has dusted himself off after all the METAL GEAR shenanigans and is creating something brand new yet familiar for his fans. I still don’y 100% understand what this game is and how it’s played, and I like that. I want this whole experience to just be this weird, poetic, and entertaining mess. That’s a beautiful thing. Plus having actors Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner involved makes the whole experience even cooler. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

Honorable Mentions

-CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III is FREE for PS+ Members right now!

-RESIDENT EVIL 2 is getting the remake treatment. Releases January 25th, 2019.

-SPIDER-MAN is looking good, damn good. Releases September 7th, 2018.

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