If you watch a lot of TV you know that most TV shows (SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL) are at their half-way point while others (DEXTER, WALKING DEAD) have just wrapped with their final episode of the season. While those shows are considered to air “in-season” there are others (TRUE BLOOD, BREAKING BAD) that break the mold and air in the “off-season” that is usually during the summer months. TNT has decided that they want to have an “off-season” show this summer in the form of the Steven Spielberg (CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, WAR OF THE WORLDS) produced FALLING SKIES. While this show will not air for another 6 months, I think it is necessary to show this first trailer because it looks pretty great.

FALLING SKIES is a Steven Spielberg produced TV show about an alien invasion that looks to have some cool action, a decent budget and a competent cast. The show stars the likable Noah Wyle (ER, THE LIBRARIAN Series) and the talented Moon Bloodgood (TERMINATOR SALVATION, JOURNEYMAN). While shows like this are prone to corniness, I think I will add this to my “off-season” TV schedule. I’m almost always down for anything that has to do with alien invasions even though I have been mislead before (V, SKYLINE). Take a look at the trailer below and decide for yourself.

FALLING SKIES airs on TNT starting in June 2011.