Are you a Nintendo fanatic that can’t wait to throw more money at Nintendo for their upcoming new handheld system the Nintendo 3DS? If you answered YES than it’s your lucky day because retailer Gamestop has announced they are taking pre-orders on this hotly anticipated handheld system. has recently reported and confirmed that Gamestop will be accepting pre-orders for the system with a MINIMUM down payment of $50 starting immediately. A representative from Gamestop was quoted saying that they have no idea of a final price (probably $300), what color choices the system will have, and when the system will actually come out (speculated March 2011 release). In any case, they are ready for your hard earned dollars in exchange for a reservation so open up that wallet of yours and have at it! There will be a Nintendo press event on January 19th 2011 that will likely shed some light on an actual release date and price point.

Hot off the heels of the announced Gamestop pre-order we get a warning from Nintendo in a press release of possible eye damage while using the new 3D handheld. Nintendo mainly warns that children six years of age and younger may experience problems while using the 3D effect on the system. They go on to state that the use of artificial 3D may affect the development of healthy eyes. I don’t know about you but that sounds scary as crap. I sure hope we don’t have another VIRTUAL BOY on our hands. I dizzily saw red for hours after using that damn thing and thought I was going to see the world from the perspective of Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, for the rest of my days!

The Wall Street Journal has the entire press release translated and can be read HERE.

While I personally am not sold on this whole 3D wave in movies OR videogames, I actually am pretty excited for this new handheld from Nintendo and want to see what it has up its sleeve. Most everyone that has had the honor in playing it thus far at conventions and whatnot say it’s awesome. So while I may not be smacking down the money for a pre-order until further details emerge, I am waiting with joyous speculation. I really do hope it ends up being a great handheld that won’t ruin my eyesight for the duration of my life.

The Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to hit North America in March 2011. Stay tuned for updates.