It’s a sad week in video game history as Sony has ceased shipping of the PLAYSTATION 2 console to the Japanese market last Friday bringing an end to system’s 12-year run. The PS2 launched on March 4th in Japan, October 26th in North America, and November 24th in Europe of 2000. The PS2 knocked out the competition that stood before (SEGA DREAMCAST, NINTENDO 64) and gave a long-lasting stronghold over the game market for years to come. The PS2 has sold over 150 million units worldwide Making it the largest selling home console system to date.

I loved my PS2 (all 3 of them!) and still have all 135 plus games I had for it. I can still remember playing it for the first time at the local Toys R’ Us. I first got my hands on the demo for DYNASTY WARRIORS 2 and can remember being blow away by the amount of enemies on  screen. The system was a true beast of its time and also brought many of us our first DVD player.  So as the sun sets on an Era of gaming, lets look back and remember all the good times we had on it.

What were some of your favorite PS2 games and moments? Sound off in the comments section below and share the love!


Thanks Sony,

You made my teen-hood <3