After watching that trailer, I know exactly what you’re thinking right now; ‘Do I really have to use all those periods every time I want to do a search for this movie on the world wide web?’ I’m sorry, but, I just don’t have an answer for that.

RIPD (I hate periods) or the ‘Blah Blah’ Division tells the story about a tough as nails police officer, played by Ryan Reynolds (GREEN LANTERN) who is killed by some generic henchmen while on some mundane mission while living a below average life.  But, it all turns around for him when he dies.  He is immediately drafted by the head of the RIPD,  Mary-Louise Parker (WEEDS). A heavenly police force tasked with the assignment of bringing the living dead, who secretly hide out among the living,  back to the afterlife where they belong.  Reynolds is teamed up with a gruff ole timer, Jeff Bridges (TRON LEGACY), who reluctantly shows him the ropes. I guess something happens that gives the dead the chance to take over the world and wipe out the living and the RIPD is the only thing standing in their way. And, I think Kevin Bacon (FOOTLOOSE) is the bad guy.


This movie looks like fun.  Actually, it looks fun in the exact same ways that MEN IN BLACK is fun. (Believe me, I didn’t want to make the obvious MEN IN BLACK/HELLBOY references, but, they are just way too obvious.)  I mean, a pair of super secret heavenly police  officers (one old and bitter, the other young and brazen) who walk in the shadows and have back alley confrontations with weird looking alien creatures, who’s ‘soul’ purpose is to protect the unsuspecting human race from the celestial war happening right beneath their noses.  They even have a MIB headquarters complete with random wacko looking creatures walking around in handcuffs. The only fun twist I noticed was that to the rest of the human race, Bridges and Reynolds looks completely unlike themselves. Bridges being a super hot blonde and Reynolds being an old Chinese guy.  Oh, I also like that they are invulnerable and stuff.


I mean, this type of movie is my jam. This has ‘Mark’ written all over it.  But, why am I so worried?  I guess Bridges’ over the top performance kind of snapped me out of it.  Was he this intense in IRON MAN? It’s not like this is his first comic book movie. It almost felt like he was doing a parody of the parody of the character he was playing.  Which, actually made me respect him a little bit more. Damn it.  Although, him riding Reynolds out the window made me squirm a bit… Wait.  Riding Reynolds.  .. Oh..

I guess the main question is whether or not this movie will have enough original bits to make it stand apart from the movies it pulls so heavily from or if it’s just another swing and a miss for Hollywood producers who won’t be able to understand why this movie failed to deliver at the box office. Me?  I’ll still take the risk.

RIPD Reynolds-rides into theaters July 19th 2013