STARZ-Black-Sails-3 (1)

The first trailer for the upcoming Starz original series BLACK SAILS has arrived and it has certainly peaked my interest. Apparently the premise for the show is that it takes place roughly 20 years before the events of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and focuses on Captain Flint and his crew, but you won’t learn any of that from the trailer. What the trailer does give us is an interesting premise, one of vilified pirates apparently claiming their own city or land and the complications that arise from outside and within.

As HBO has been making original programming for nearly 15 years and Showtime for about half as long, Starz is a bit late to the premium channel original programming game as it has only been at it a few years, but that doesn’t mean they can’t produce a quality product. While I have never seen SPARTACUS: WAR OF THE DAMNED, I have many friends who are devoted to the show and it seems to be a hit, and based on this trailer, Starz just might score another one with BLACK SAILS. Most notable about the trailer is the apparent intense violence and sex that will be in the show, this sort of thing has done very well for HBO in the past (ROME anyone?) and could play out well for Starz. Additionally, Starz has brought on Michael Bay (TRANSFORMERS) to produce and a veteran like him behind the scenes may just be the edge the show needs to become a hit. Regardless, I have been a fan of pirates since I was a kid and will certainly be keeping an eye out for more news and an official release date.

Many thanks to IGN for posting this sweet looking trailer!