Quick Draw SF / Featured art by Jason Furie

Paint Pens Collective x Never Ending Radical Dude present “QUICK DRAW SF”
Curated by Shayna Yasuhara and Jason Furie
Location: F8/1192 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94103
Date: Thursday November 19th 2015
Time: 6:00-10:00pm

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***This month we pay tribute to the previous rulers of our planet…Dinosaurs! Whether it be the infamous T-Rex, the kind-hearted Stegosaurus, the mistunderstood Raptor, or the elegant and horny Triceritops, all are welcome as we celebrate together. Be sure to bring your art supplies and your drinking bellies and see what our talented group of dino-loving artists has in store. Best part!? It’s FREE!***

Wearing anything dino-releated be it your favorite shirt, an old halloween costume, or a hat or something gains you a free raffle ticket!

Bay Area’s Paint Pens Collective and Never Ending Radical Dude present QUICK DRAW SF! A monthly live drink and draw event co-curated by Shayna Yasuhara and Jason Furie. Each month, ten artists are selected to come draw and sell their creations on our “art wall” available on the cheap. There’s also a “merch table” where artists sell swag such as prints, books, and original art. Credit cards accepted. Everyone is welcome to come and draw, so bring your sketchbooks!

Happy hour specials in full effect! This means more money to buy cool stuff at the merch table. Also, we will be raffling off swag and giveaways. FREE raffle ticket if you come wearing a costume!

This month’s Featured Artists include:
Jessica Eastburn
Andy Westhoff
Josh Herbolsheimer
Rex Ma
Chris Conlin
Todd Kurnat
Matt Harding
Geoff Vasile
Montana Manalo
Rick Lucey
and More…

Music by CDCM
“San Francisco’s CDCM transforms your mind into a grain of salt as it soars into the electrical socket your mommy used to vacuum the living room floor when you were a kid. Surrounded by floating melodies and ambient hobgoblins, you gradually melt into the chilled-out rhythm of this new world whilst succumbing to the unavoidable bursts of electronic mayhem.”



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*Featured art by Jason Furie