Jason Bourne just wants to be left alone, you savages!  Or does he…? Winky face.

After sitting the last movie out, Matt Damon has returned to the role of Jason Bourne.  Respect. This movie seems to be tackling the question of ‘what the hell does a super spy do once he’s defeated the bad guys and there are no more bad guys left between him and his freedom?’ Apparently, bare knuckle boxing.  After the third movie, (ULTIMATUM?  SUPREMACY? It was definitely a very intimidating word). Jason Bourne was able to walk away from the game with the piece of mind that comes only when you’ve completely burned the institution to the ground. Which, wasn’t really the case because we are told that Jason Bourne was just the ‘tip of the iceburg’ during that Jeremy Renner joint. Coolio.

This trailer doesn’t really tell us much, except that the ‘world is at war.’  Got it.  It would be kind of cool to see a Jason Bourne movie where he doesn’t spend the entire time on the run and he’s actively chosen to be back in the thick of it.  ‘The world is on the edge of destruction? Better dust off my spurs.”   He’s got all his memories back.  Maybe he remembers being the moral bound patriot that got him into all of this mess in the first place? I guess Tommy Lee Jones is in this one?  Alright.  Julie Stiles can’t seem to catch a break.  In this movie, I mean.  Not in life.  Well, I guess that too.  I’ve always enjoyed these BOURNE films and you know I’ll be there on opening day with my official ‘Jason Bourne V-Neck’ on.

JASON BOURNE borns into theaters on July 29, 2016