Break out your own personal “Awesome Mix” cassette tapes, folks!  Marvel Studios sprung a surprise “sneak peek” on us for director James Gunn’s sequel to 2014’s surprise hit blockbuster GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

Sure, we’re only getting glimpses here and there of what the movie will be about (it is still many months away, so no need to spoil anything yet), but I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.  You got space-hopping in spaceships, Chris Pratt masking it up as Peter Quill/Star-Lord, lovely Zoe Saldana returning to kick many a buttocks as Gamora, the ever-entertaining (and awesome guy to meet in-person) Michael Rooker getting to grow out his head-fin as Yondu (now a member of the Guardians full-time), Karen Gillan’s Nebula looking to be in some kind of trouble and Dave Bautista’s Drax, my personal favorite, offering some very blunt and “broseph”-like advice to Quill on his romantic prospects with Gamora (as well as an awkwardly-funny hug).

And yes, Rocket Raccoon and a pint-sized Groot are back to blast laser holes through things, apparently.  I’m sure having Bradley Cooper back to voice Rocket is a given, but I’m really curious about “wee-little” Groot.  Is his voice just going to be the same?  Are they going to pitch Vin Diesel’s voice up to make it sound like he’s been sucking helium?  Will he become “adult” Groot again at some point in the flick?  I can’t wait to hear how Marvel justifies paying Diesel a ridiculously-lavish paycheck to only say three words this time around!

Summer 2016 just ended and already I can’t wait for early-Summer 2017 thanks to this look ahead.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 hits theaters May 5, 2017!