Last June we got our first glimpse of the Disney Pixar film BRAVE with a stunning teaser trailer and an official synopsis which can both be found HERE.

Today we finally get an official trailer that sheds some light on the tone and overall story of the film. While I really enjoyed the animation and voice talent at work here, I was a bit distraught at just how light-hearted and comical this trailer was. I realize the target audience for this film is children, but the teaser had a much more interesting and mature tone. That is just a nitpick however because this new trailer is absolutely stunning and I can not wait to see this one in the theatre. To be honest, I am looking forward to seeing this one on Blu-Ray even more because the sheer amount of detail in the animation here looks astonishing. BRAVE is something to look forward too for sure. I am so glad we are past using the Disney Pixar talent on CARS 2.

BRAVE opens June 22nd 2012.