Thanks to, we get our first official look at THE EXPENDABLES 2 with this amazing new poster!

Back in September WMNN reported that Simon West (CON AIR, THE MECHANIC) would officially take on the project as director along with the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger (THE TERMINATOR Series) and Bruce Willis (DIE HARD Series) would have much bigger roles. You can check out that full report HERE.

Looks like that report was true because this new poster features the action star triforce that is Stallone (RAMBO Series), Schwarzenegger, and Willis! We also see confirmation that stars Chuck Norris (WALKER TEXAS RANGER) and Jean Claude Van Damme (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER Series) have joined the fray! This poster likely means that a trailer is on the way soon. Stay tuned to WMNN for updates as they become available.

THE EXPENDABLES 2 blasts into theaters August 17th 2012.