NINTENDO may not have been getting all the attention at E3 that it really does deserve because of the XBOX ONE and the PLAYSTATION 4 so I decided to give one of Wii U’s exclusives some much deserved attention.

THE WONDERFUL 101 is a eccentric game developed by Platinum Games in which Earth has come under alien attack and it’s up to the heros of earth to unite and defeat this extraterrestrial evil and save the home of humanity.


Each of the heros have a unique weapon that they can morph into, weapons displayed in the trailer are a giant arm, sword, gun and whip, to defeat their opponents. Gameplay seems to be something like PIKMIN, players venture throughout levels saving and recruiting civilians into their ranks to build an army capable of stopping aliens.

The presentation of THE WONDERFUL 101 is one that is playful, humorous and over-the-top, which when you have a game with those characteristics it usually tends to result in one of two conclusions: good or bad. Platinum Games seems, from everything shown so far, to have found the good side of that spectrum.

I myself am not a Wii U owner, but if I owned the console this would be a game I would consider owning. With the Wii U’s narrow game selection, souly my opinion of course, this is one of the games that appeals to me. It takes the American super hero model, the heros remind me of lantern corp heros based on the way they generate their weapons from their fist, with the added stylization that is found in some Japanese games. Each hero that has been shown has a very VIEWTIFUL JOE feel to them.

It has a style that really resonates with me and I think any Wii U owner should consider this a viable option for purchase come fall.

THE WONDERFUL 101 is a Wii U exclusive and hits shelves September 15, 2013.