Can you believe live-action X-MEN films have been around for 18 years! And in all that time, we have yet to see Cable. Well, as promised at the end of DEADPOOL, Cable is finally joining Fox’s cinematic universe. Or is it Disney? I don’t even know anymore. I’m confused. I think I just need to pretend Disney owns everything. Statistically speaking, I’ll be right most of the time.

Ok, tangent over. Cable is easily my second favorite Marvel character right after his daddy Cyclops. Jean Grey is a close third. So yeah, anyone involved with the Summers clan is pretty much my favorite. Yes, this includes Havoc and grandpa Corsair.

While this isn’t exactly how I imagined Cable being introduced into FOx’s X-Universe, I’ll take whatever I can get. Besides, DEADPOOL was an amazing flick and Cable & Deadpool have shared the pages of Marvel comics for a long, long time now. So yeah, this is cool. And this trailer pretty much proves that DEADPOOL 2 is setting up the inevitable X-FORCE movie. Cool.

While DEADPOOL 2 is pretty much a comedy, by the looks of this trailer, it’s going to be a balls to the wall action flick as well. I’m beyond stoked.

DEADPOOL 2 hit theaters, after a lil’ delay, on May 18th 2018. Hurry up May 18th!