sex death revolution #1

SEX DEATH REVOLUTION #1 / Black Mask Studios
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Art by Becca Farrow

I usually take the time to review a whole arc or series, but just I can’t wait. In the height of its release, I strongly recommend reading SEX DEATH REVOLUTION #1.

After reading this first issue, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and can’t wait for more. I went in with no idea of what the book was about and I’m glad I did. To keep it spoiler free and light on major details, let’s just say the book handles the use of “black magic” and the rules of “black magic” with a twist that keeps things fresh. The story follows main character Esperanza and a weird turn of events she must figure out.

I purchased the issue in hopes of supporting the folks over at Black Mask Studios. The past couple of years they’ve managed to push some quality stories, with fresh creative teams that are seriously making a name for themselves.

Among those teams is writer Madelene Visaggio, whom at this point has gone on to write series such as Kim & Kim, Quantum Teens Are Go!,  and Eternity Girl (Her best work yet in my opinion) over at DC’s Young Animal. I read her other works, so I knew this new series would be in good hands. The way I see it, her newest series is off to a strong story and a welcomed addition to her bibliography.  She’s a good writer to keep an eye on and I can only see her developing even better as a writer over time. 

I can’t forget the art which you honestly don’t have to worry about. Becca Farrow is in control here. Her vibrant characters really shine when they get together and when things get supernatural, the two-page spreads justify that cover price. I knew of her work on the Lady Castle series over at BOOM! Studio, so again, I was sold.

As I said, it’s just starting but I hope to give people the head start. The issue is good, and I imagine the quality will stay consistent. Part supernatural, part love story, and part mystery this book is a culmination of a very talented team that is off to make a new unique series for readers to dive into.