AUTOMATA (Millennium Entertainment/Green Moon Productions)

I’m always on the lookout for the next “hidden gem” sci-fi flick out there that gets released under the radar. You never know when something like DISTRICT 9 or SUNSHINE will pop out of seemingly nowhere and enchant our collective asses! Sure films such as ELYSIUM, OBLIVION, and EDGE OF TOMORROW will keep me at bay, but what I’m really looking for is that “out of left field” experience that will have me eager to tell everyone just how cool a movie is that they’ve never heard of. The new film AUTOMATA by visionary director Gabe Ibanez (HIERRO) starring Antonio Banderes may just be that film. Take a look at this new trailer and see for yourself.


Well? Pretty cool right? I’m always down for a new “robots become aware” story and this one looks to be taking itself pretty serious and is full of creepy looking robots, a nice grizzled-looking world, and enough “what does it mean to be human” elements to make Isacc Asimov proud. There are even guiding rules that all robots must follow but do not. I love it! While this trailer sells me enough to check out the film when it releases, only time will tell if it can resonate with my hardcore sic-fi loving ass enough to sit within my movie collection next to the likes of BLADE RUNNER, A.I., and the like!

AUTOMATA becomes self-aware in theaters in a limited USA release on October 10th 2014.