Damn. Did that girl just turn into a dragon?  What the what?  Now… That’s what’s up!

47 RONIN has been popping up and out of my radar for the past few years. It’s been in sort of production limbo for the past 2 years (See date on poster below).  It looks like it’s finally coming together enough to get a trailer out there.. And let me tell you…  it’s pretty crazy house. And I KNOW crazy house.

The original Japanese tale of 47 RONIN tells the story of a group of samurai, now wandering “Ronin”, who disobey the tradition that demands they end their own lives. Instead, these 47 Ronin seek to avenge the death of their master and stand up against an infinite army of monsters and gladiators.

Starring Keanu Reeves (THE MATRIX) as a half blooded exile, this Japanese fable seems to be the next in the recent line of American made Hollywood blockbusters (THE WOLVERINE. Which also has Hiroyuki Sanada in it.) that features almost entirely an all Japanese cast.  Although, not nearly as impressive as having an entirely Japanese cast, this is still a bold decision from the Hollywood fat cats smoking their electronic cigarettes and religiously counting their box office tickets.

I will say, I didn’t expect this trailer to go in the direction that it did. I remember seeing the 300 trailer and being somewhat surprised when I saw a giant fancy pants king boy command an army of ghouls and monsters. But, that seemed to make sense with the jive of the film. 47 RONIN started off serious enough and seemed to immediately show case beautiful cinematography and an impressive Japanese cast. Once the ‘dragon lady’ showed up, I suddenly began to giggle like i was finally seeing the NINJA SCROLL movie I have been praying for all these years.

This movie has a lot of room to be a cheap attempt at something great.  But, as usual, I am extremely optimistic and will be watching the trailer a few more times.