watch dogs 2 ubisoft

WATCH DOGS 2 / Ubisoft

**UPDATE**  (6/11/16) Just added a new gameplay trailer for INJUSTICE 2!

Can you feel it? The calm before the E3 2016 storm? The biggest and baddest week for video games is upon us and I couldn’t be happier. Get ready for a crap ton of news, announcements, trailers, and more. This week will shape the gaming landscape for the next year and it looks like a few of these fantastic announcements leaked out earlier than scheduled? Personally, I thinks it’s all a planned scam and there is an agenda behind these supposed “leaks” but what the hell do I know.

The biggest game announcement so far is for Ubisoft’s WATCH DOGS 2 set in San Francisco with a release date of November 15th 2016. That’s THIS year! Whoo hoo! While a lot of people saw this coming, looks like IGN maybe slipped the release date by accident. Oh, well. Ubisoft being the good sports that they are released a few official trailers to get our gears going. Check ’em out.

Next up, the fine folks (maybe just one dude) over at Gamestop reveled a poster for DC, Warner Bros., and Netherrealm Studios’ INJUSTICE 2 leaked all but confirming its existence. Shortly after it was officially announced and a cinematic trailer was released. This follow up to INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US will be released in 2017. Here’s the teaser.

And at this point the last biggest leak involves DEAD RISING 4 which presumably returns to Willamette, Colorado which was the location of the very first DEAD RISING and fan favorite star Frank West is set to return. It is also speculated that a much requested multiplayer mode will be included. Since most of this information is from the leaked picture, there is a decent chance that this will be a remake of sorts to the original rather than a sequel. That’s what speculating is for right?

dead rising 4 leak capcom

Leaked shot for DEAD RISING 4 / Capcom

Everything above has pretty much been confirmed or proven within 99% one way or another. A few other notable “leaks” that border on rumor include a SKYRIM remaster from Bethesda (cool), PREY 2 finally being (re)announced 10 years after the original, RESIDENT EVIL 7 announcement (inevitable), and possibly….just possibly RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 (but I think not).

So let the speculation begin, and get cozy up to your computer screen this upcoming week because we will be covering all the big announcements and reveals! Such a good time to be a nerd. E3 2016 is upon us!