RAMBO (2008), Lionsgate/Weinstein Company

After Sylvester Stallone’s return to the roles of Rocky Balboa and Rambo in 2006’s ROCKY BALBOA and 2008’s RAMBO, I assumed the man was done with the characters. Both films respectfully seemed to bookend his big franchises and put a close to each character’s story. I especially loved how he handled the final moments of RAMBO and thought it was just perfect. Come to think of it, all 92 minutes of 2006’s RAMBO was pretty damn perfect in all its brutal and bloody glory! Well done Stallone!

Well, bookends they were not apparently. Sly himself Tweeted a few nuggets for us to digest that you can read below.

Alright, so the man is vague. Give him some credit, he’s a busy ass man!

So CREED is his follow up to ROCKY BALBOA where he trains the grandson of his former frienemy Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan (THE FANTASTIC FOUR) will be playing the grandson named Adonis Creed. Cool. I’m down with all of that! Sounds like a more fitting bookend to that franchise if you ask me.

And RAMBO: LAST BLOOD will be the 5th and speculated last (hence the title) Rambo film where we will find John Rambo going up against a ruthless Mexican drug cartel. Meh, I’m sure this will be loads of brutal fun, buuuuuuuut, like I said before, I really dug where we left this character at the end of RAMBO and don’t think the character needs a revisit. My guess is that they will kill the old beast off in this one giving him the R&R he so desperately needs.

In any case, it looks like we will be getting at least one more go around with these characters to show up Mr. Schwarzenegger and his fancy new TERMINATOR film coming out this summer.

RAMBO: LAST BLOOD and CREED are tentatively due out sometime in 2016.