Nintendo held a Wii U preview event today in New York City where they finally unveiled their official pricing details along with a firm release date. Nintendo’s 6th home console the Wii U will be released stateside on November 18th 2012 with two options for buyers. The first option is called the “Basic Set” and will retail for $299.99. This set includes a 8GB Wii U console, a Wii U gamepad, 2 AC Adapters (one for the console and one for the gamepad), a high speed HDMI cable (Nintendo is finally in HD!), and a Wii U sensor bar. No game will come with this version and it will be available in White only.

Nintendo’s second option (and the one I will be purchasing) will be titled the “Deluxe Set” and will retail for $349.99 . This set offers 32GB (instead of 8GB in the “Basic Set”) and will come in Black only. Everything you get in the “Basic Set” is included in this version along with a gamepad charging cradle, a stand for the gamepad, a stand for the console, plus a copy of NINTENDO LAND which will serve as a playground of Nintendo-themed mini-games for players to explore all the fun control options the Wii U has to offer. NINTENDO LAND is basically the Wii U’s version of Wii SPORTS that came bundled with the Wii. Should be a fun introduction to the system.

So there you have it Nintendo fans! The Wii U is headed our way shortly! Get you nerdy butt into your nearest retailer to reserve your system today because I have a feeling this is going to be the hottest gift this holiday season. I am excited to buy the “Deluxe Set” and have extra memory to buy all those downloadable Nintendo games and applications.

Will you be buying Nintendo’s latest home console at launch or wait and see how it does and what games will be offered? Sound off in the comments section below!