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The Punisher as seen in DAREDEVIL Season 2 / Netflix, Marvel

The second Jon Bernthal’s The Punisher showed up on Netflix’s second season of DAREDEVIL, fans have been begging for a spin off series. Well, it looks like Netflix has been listening because they officially greenly a spin off series for our favorite skull-clad antihero.

This is an interesting and much appreciated move by Netflix and Marvel since they already had a solid plan in place that didn’t include a THE PUNISHER solo series. Initially DAREDEVIL, JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, and IRON FIST were to each at least get one season on Netflix all building up to a THE DEFENDERS mini-series. While that is all still happening, it looks like THE PUNISHER is coming along to crash the party.

This makes me happy. I’ve always been a huge THE PUNISHER comic book fan and I will even admit that I enjoyed all the feature films so far. I’ll admit that the films are a guilty pleasure and I never really know how good the character could be on screen until now. Bernthal brilliantly captures the inner torment that fuels this man to become The Punisher, and he easily stole the show in DAREDEVIL season 2 to the point of it almost being his own show.

I’m so glad Netflix decided to make a move and listen to the fans. Having a complete season to flesh out this character is going to be amazing. No official release date information was given, but I’m sure we will hear something very soon. Well played Netflix…well played.