The high-octane action movie series THE EXPENDABLES gains a new cast member as Bruce Willis (A GOOD DIE TO DIE HARD) exits the franchise and his role of Mr. Church.  Writer and star Sylvester Stallone (RAMBO Series) recently tweeted the latest casting news:

WILLIS OUT… HARRISON FORD IN !!!!  GREAT NEWS !!!!!  Been waiting years for this!!!!

Ford’s representation has confirmed his involvement, but also clarified that the man that brought us Han Solo and Indiana Jones would not be taking over Willis’ role as Church and would be portraying an entirely new character.  Returning to the third installment are Expendable team members Jason Statham (PARKER), Dolph Lundgren (UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING), Mickey Rourke (IMMORTALS) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (THE LAST STAND).  Action superstars like Jackie Chan (RUSH HOUR series), Wesley Snipes (BLADE series), Milla Jovovich (RESIDENT EVIL series) and Nicolas Cage (every awesome Nic Cage movie ever!) are said to be joining the production.

Getting Harrison Ford to join the cast is a major coup for Stallone and the franchise.  The guy is charismatic and hard enough to still be a bad-ass, even at the age of 71.  You can check out some more Ford-goodness in the business-thriller PARANOIA on August 13, 2013 and ENDER’S GAME on November 1, 2013.  Filming for EXPENDABLES 3 has been reported as starting this month with a planned theatrical release for August 15, 2014.