Yo nerds! Are you excited to see the trailer from a movie made by the holy nerd trinity of Edgar Wright (SCOTT PILGRIM), Simon Pegg (HOT FUZZ) and Nick Frost (SHAUN OF THE DEAD)? If you answered “Yerp” then today is your lucky day. In THE WORLD’S END we follow these old chaps as they head back to their home town to carry out an immense pub crawl (American translation: bar hop) they never finished years ago. Once they arrive they notice something isn’t right with the townspeople. Have they stumbled upon an apocalypse in the making or are they just going through withdrawals? See below to find out.


I knew very little about this movie before watching the trailer. I only knew Pegg and Frost were starring and Wright was directing and little bit about the (aforementioned) plot. Imagine my surprise when Martin Freeman (THE HOBBIT Series) and Paddy Considine (HOT FUZZ) showed up as part of the gang. The trailer didn’t hone in on it but I have faith that the male dynamic will breed not only comedy gold but some insight into “bro’s growing older” relationship politics. Wright is good like that. The trailer didn’t focus too much on the second and third act (which is a great thing) but it did show that the second half of the movie will be kinetic and action-filled. That will play well to Wright’s skill set. He’s got a great visual eye for playing up comedy through edits and quick camera movements.

THE WORLD’S END invades UK theaters July 19th whilst American movie-goers will have to play beer pong until August 23, 2013.