There’s no denying just how much fan service is cram-packed in EA’s STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT video game! It’s pure iconic and epic STAR WARS fun set during those classic “Original Trilogy” years. Sure I would appreciate some Prequel Trilogy, Episode VII, CLONE WARS, and REBELS love, but I suppose they have to save something for the inevitable sequels. Will they dare even visit the original prequel timeline? I hope so especially considering that the epic battles set during the Clone Wars would be perfect for a game of this ilk.

That said, the upcoming ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY just happens to be hugging the front end of the original trilogy timeline so I guess EA gave it a pass to be included as DLC. I’m cool with that.

The “Scarif” DLC comes packed with maps straight from ROGUE ONE and will include 2 more playable characters in the form of Jyn Erso on team Rebels and Orson Krennic for the Imperial scum.

Owners of the season pass or those who recently purchased the “Ultimate” version of BATTLEFRONT can gain access to the “Scarif” DLC starting on December 6th just in time for ROUGUE ONE hitting theaters on December 16th!