Now that the HARRY POTTER franchise has come to a close, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter himself) is finally able to star in other movies. Radcliffe’s first project is directed by relative unknown James Watkins (THE DESCENT 2) and tells the tale of a young lawyer (Radcliffe) who travels to a creepy ass mansion to organize the papers of a woman recently deceased. What ensues is likely to scare the crap out of me because this trailer has dolls in it. I don’t like dolls…or clowns.

I for one am a fan of Mr. Radcliffe and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him mature as an actor in the Harry Potter films. While he may not have perfected his craft just yet, he is a wonderful screen presence and I look forward to seeing him in new projects such as this. I genuinely hope the boy gets more roles. Check out the trailer below that seems to have some pretty sweet set designs and some truly creepy moments.

THE WOMAN IN BLACK hit theaters February 10th 2012.