NO MAN’S SKY, Hello Games

There is no denying the emergence of small studio games and they’re fast becoming some of the greatest experiences on home consoles. While the masses are smoking baddies in the latest CALL OF DUTY and lurking in the shadows in yet another ASSASSIN’S CREED entry, there are hundreds of games just waiting to be downloaded and appreciated on your console of choice’s online shop. There are some true hidden gems out there and as the hardware develops, the quality levels of some of these titles is through the roof. Enter NO MAN’S SKY, a truly unique looking game from small time (for now) British developer ‘Hello Games’.

First announced at VGX 2013 and later detailed as a timed exclusive on Playstation 4 at the E3 2014 event, NO MAN’S SKY is looking to be the latest and greatest game you will want to download on the Playstation Store in 2015. It’s a wonderfully beautiful science fiction exploration game that features a procedurally generated universe just begging to be discovered. Players take flight in their spacecraft to explore the corners of space discovering planets full of life and exotic locals. Vast deserts, sprawling wastelands, deep oceans, and beautiful forests are just a few of the things you will see on your adventure and each player’s experience will likely be vastly different from the next. Take a look at the newest gameplay footage showcased at the recent Playstation Experience event.


If that video does not whet your “I freaking want that now” whistle, I just don’t know what will. Sure, I have no idea what the hell the point of this game is other than experiencing the sheer joy of exploration, but I’ll take it nonetheless. It looks absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. And it looks like a unique gaming opportunity for those of you tired of the normal run and gun of things. In any case, I think it would be wise to keep your eyes on this one.

NO MAN’S SKY is scheduled to take flight sometime in 2015.