According to BioWare MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA will be released March 21st 2017 in North America and March 23rd internationally.

Considering the scope of this game, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this date got delayed a little bit. But I’ll stay optimistic and start feeling up the old hype meter anyway. Either way, I’m sure we will be seeing this n 2017. And if that March date sticks, it will be a great way to spend those dry gaming months as we get closer to E3 2017. Fingers crossed.

MASS EFFECT is easily one of my favorite gaming franchises sitting pretty next to the likes of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, FALLOUT, ELDER SCROLLS, THE WITCHER, SHENMUE, and anything Team ICO puts out. My excitement for the newest entry in the series is through the damn roof. And ANDROMEDA definitely looks like the most ambitious game to date in the series.

Get the full press release straight from the official MASS EFFECT website!