Back in January I revealed the first image of Cartoon Network’s new animated THUNDERCATS show along with some sparse details about the welcome reboot (HERE). Now we have official word from Cartoon Network that the show will premiere on July 29th at 8:00 PM EST. Cartoon Network has also opened up their THUNDERCATS section on

Below is the official show synopsis along with an awesome trailer to get eager fans ready. This series seems to have some solid animation and some seriously cool character designs. I am really digging the NARUTO vibe I get from this trailer and it appears there is going to be much more of a focus on story and character development this time around. Also, Snarf appears to be a cute and cuddly pet creature rather than a babbling annoyance. He really is cute this time! Check out the trailer below to see for yourself.


The ThunderCats are coming to Cartoon Network! After Thundera is attacked by the lizard people, Lion-O leads the ThunderCats on a quest for the Book of Omens, the one artifact that could guide them to victory. But he’ll have to face villains like the ancient evil sorceror Mumm-Ra and the dangerous lizard general Slithe. Luckily, he has the Sword of Omens and its amazing powers at his disposal. Watch the preview video for more info about the new TV show, and then tune in for the premiere in July. ThunderCats, ho!