The first BATMAN V SUPERMAN trailer we saw last summer at the San Diego Comic Con definitely got me pretty excited for this MAN OF STEEL sequel/New cinematic Batman introduction/setup for the inevitable Justice League film franchise. And while I enjoyed a lot of what this new trailer offers, I think I’ll temper my expectations a bit and snuggle up with good old skeptical for a minute. Before I saw why, check out the new trailer for BATMAN V SUPERMAN for yourself.

Alright. So there you have it. Now we get a much better sense of what’s going on plot-wise with this film. I gather Bruce Wayne visits Metropolis with a big chip on his shoulder about this new alien called Superman who hasn’t learned how to control his powers yet hurting innocents in his path. Clark Kent (Superman) questions Bruce about the costumed bat vigilante running around Gotham. Both hero’s egos get bend a little as both come across as a bit hypocritical. Lex jumps in the middle of it all a plots and schemes just how he can get Superman and Batman to fight one another. He’s obviously jealous of both. After Supes and Bats fight for awhile, Lex can’t help but create a monster out of the dead body of Zod (cool?) to create Doomsday? Oh and once Doomsday overpowers both heroes, they must put aside their differences and defeat the greater evil alongside Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and whomever the hell else they decide to throw into the mix. Well, that seems like the gist to me and it all sounds fine and dandy. Here is a list of random thoughts about this trailer.

-I absolutely adored MAN OF STEEL.

-Henry Cavill looks and sounds excellent as classic Clark Kent.

-I’m not a huge Ben Affleck fan, so far his Bruce Wayne seems a bit “meh” but I’m willing to be proved working.

-Remember, Jared Leto is Joker in this universe and is romping around with the SUICIDE SQUAD very soon.

-Ahh! Jesse Eisenberg as Lex looks kind of horrible in a “Jesse Eisenberg playing an extreme version of himself” kind of way. He’s my least favorite part of this new trailer by far. Oh and I love THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, he’s amazing in that film.

-The Batcave looks sweet!

-Damn Supes and Bats go at it hardcore. I like how SUpes says he could pretty much kill him at any moment. Makes Bats looks like an insect in comparison. Cool.

-What are those things with wings flying around everywhere!?

-Doomsday!? Why? And is it just me or does he look like a crappy rehash of Abomination from THE INCREDIBLE HULK!? Not the coolest design for Doomsday.

-Ok, that was a pretty cool intro for Wonder Woman…saving Supes and Bats ass.

-The slow mo walk of the big 3 is sweet, but why is Bats holding what looks like an assault rifle!? He doesn’t use guns!

-Overall, cool, but I remain skeptical due to Lex and possible overcrowding heroes and villains too soon for this franchise.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE will be here sooner than you think on March 25th 2016