Sure issue #0 came out last week, but that was a mere prelude to the kick ass Marvel summer event AVENGERS VS X-MEN which officially launches today with issue #1. I was lucky enough to be able to attend (yes alone) an amazing launch party yesterday here in San Francisco at my favorite comic  book shop MISSION: COMICS & ART owned and run by professional nerd and art advocate Leef Smith. The event was jam packed with hardcore nerds and was an absolute blast!

Upon entering the FREE event donning my 1990’s Cyclops t-shirt, X2: X-MEN UNITED replica Cyclops visor, and my Cyclops pin displaying my support of the X-Men, I was greeted by a growing number of fellow nerds, some freebie AVENGERS VS X-MEN buttons and posters, and even some FREE beers! Leef runs a pretty tight operation here mind you! Fun stuff!

Besides getting my mitts on a fresh #1 issue of AVENGERS VS X-MEN, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a couple of representatives from Aurasma who were at the event showing off the new Marvel AR (Augmented Reality) software. For those out of the loop, Marvel AR is basically a FREE mobile application that lets readers digitally interact with their print copy of the latest comic books that support the application. For example, scanning the front page of my new #1 issue will turn the cover alive and showcase a trailer for the event. Pages in the book that support this feature are marked with a tiny “AR” logo and all you have to do is scan the panel and watch the book come alive through your desired mobile device. I have an iphone and can honestly say that it has to be seen to be believed. This is potentially a huge new thing for comics that not only encourages purchasing a hard copy of the book, but it also serves as a tool to really immerse the reader into the story. Think of it as the equivalent of a DVD/Blu-Ray special features section only for your favorite comic book. I highly encourage anyone out there with a mobile device to go download this FREE application and give it a go for yourself. Search for “Marvel AR” wherever you download apps.

You can purchase AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 at your local comic shop now along with a slew of variant covers or download it digitally on the Marvel Comics app. on your mobile device. Keep in mind, purchasing a hard copy at your local retailer grants you a FREE digital copy offer that expires soon so act fast! For more details about the book itself and the AR application, head on over to Be ready for the fight to continue with issue #2 in just two short weeks in this epic 12 book event! Happy reading!

I’m with the X-Men! Optic Blast!