It’s that wonderful time of the year again when every television station is attempting to induce some buzz for their fall lineups. I kind of feel like a fancy lady on some dating game show, being courted and seduced with flashy imagery and sci-fi dorkery.  Well, I think I just discovered who I’m going to be giving my rose to next season.

There’s a lot to process from this trailer, but the basic premise of ALMOST HUMAN seems to be that it’s the year 2048 and we are following a broken down cop named John Kennex, played by Karl Urban (DREDD). After an attack leaves his body in need of a series of technological replacements, Kennex attempts to readjust to his new life (and body) and continue to bring the law to all who oppose it. By mandate, all mostly biological cops must partner with a synthetic life form.  These newer models come across more like HAL and less like DATA.  Kennex introduces his uptight robot partner to the bottom of the truck and then picks up Dorian, played by Michael Ealy (CALIFORNICATION), an android that appears more human than robot. Together, these two meet in the middle and form a partnership that will have the evil doers of the world shaking their fist in anger towards the heavens.


Basically, this show has everything I want. Future cops using future weapons. The beat-up riding the razor’s edge cop with questionable methods and addictions. The comic relief synthetic life form that relates more to it’s electric soul than it’s hard wiring. And can you say ‘Potential robot uprising?’  It’s future DRAGNET and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Look out for ALMOST HUMAN this fall on FOX.