For years fans of the EVIL DEAD franchise have been wishing and begging for the return of Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams and now we finally get it in the form of a new television series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD from the Starz network. Groovy. Take a look at this meaty trailer that premiered here at the San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Oh yeah. Nothing but stuff to love here including all the blood, mayhem, comedy, and chainsaw swinging action fans have come to love…and expect. I’m excited that Starz picked this project up allowing a true R-rated experience. Anything else just wouldn’t feel right. It will be interesting to see how this franchise works as a television series rather than a film. I think it can work. I really dig the tone and humor here in this trailer. Seeing a much older Ash dish out some pain on an army of Deadites is priceless and I have a feeling it’s something I’ll never get enough of. Looks like I need to add yet another show to my growing list of must-see TV this fall.

Starz’s ASH VS. EVIL DEAD will premiere on October 31st 2015 and consist of 10 thirty minute episodes.