After 2009’s TERMINATOR SALVATION, the rights to the Terminator franchise were up for sale and bought by Pacificor for roughly 30 million dollars during a bankruptcy auction. Now word comes from Deadline that Schwarzenegger has signed a package deal to return to the franchise for a reboot/revival. The package deal is currently being shopped around with Arnold on board to companies such as Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate.

What does this mean for us nerds who are eagerly awaiting Arnold’s return as our favorite cybernetic organism? Having him part of this package deal means he is on board to star and that will be a great selling point for any interested production company. I expect more official announcements very soon such as who  will be the screenwriter, who will direct, and who else may star. It has been reported that director Justin Lin (FAST FIVE) is still attached to direct, but no official announcements have been made. At this point it is a bit too early to get excited about any official plot details or to know if this will be a reboot, prequel, or a sequel. What ever it will be, you can rest easy and know that Arnold will indeed be back!

Stay tuned for updates as they are sure to surface very quickly now that the project has Arnold attached and the bidding war for the franchise has begun!

What direction do you think this franchise should head?