Looks like Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are finally going to match Marvel Studios in 2015 with their first “shared universe” movie!

Saturday was a big day for Hall H at San Diego Comic Con International with MAN OF STEEL director Zack Snyder making a surprise appearance to officially announce the highly-anticipated sequel that will feature not only Henry Cavill returning as Superman, but also a rebooted version of Batman, making it essentially a WORLD’S FINEST feature film.

First off, check out this amateur pic of the announcement logo that’s been floating around Twitter all weekend:


Next up, see the announcement for yourself courtesy of YouTube Channel RahmaniacLive.  Along with Snyder, actor Harry Lennix (who played General Swanwick in MAN OF STEEL) read a brief passage from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, no doubt intended to set the tone for the two superheroes’ first silver screen meeting.  Nothing rules more than an actor who looks and sounds like President Obama inducting you into 30-40 seconds of awesomeness!  Check out the video below and listen to Hall H lose its sh!t as soon as the pointy ears are visible:


Hopefully the promise of WORLD’S FINEST in 2015 bodes well for DC’s plans to finally bring JUSTICE LEAGUE to the big screen for some healthy box office battling with the likes of Marvel’s AVENGERS franchise as well as their expanding roster of solo superhero films.

See, Will Smith’s I AM LEGEND?  You were kinda sorta right with your billboard prediction there.  Just a few years off:

Superman-Batman I am Legend