Hey all you STAR WARS nerds out there! We are heading to a galaxy far far away…and by “far far away” we mean Anaheim California (which isn’t that far since we are based in San Francisco) for the biggest baddest STAR WARS party in the universe STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2015!

As it turns out, just about everyone who has anything to do with STAR WARS is going to be there from director of EPISODE VII JJ Abrams to that dude that voiced Admiral Ackbar! It’s a trap!!

Will they premiere the newest EPISODE VII  trailer!? Can we play EA’s upcoming BATTLEFRONT!? If I yell “Nooooooooo!” as loud as I can will I get stink eye for EVERYONE!? I’d say yes to all the above and oh so much more.

For full details including information on panels, guests, and more head on over to the official STAR WARS CELEBRATION website and browse away!

And when you’re done doing that, stay tuned to for a crap ton of exclusive content, big news stories, and a glimpse at life at the big convention. Stay tuned, we have a lot of fun articles and updates planned in the coming week!

STAR WARS CELEBRATION runs from Thursday April 16th through Sunday April 19th!