1. KICK-ASS: This was the most fun I had at the theater this year hands down. The idea of someone like you or me deciding to become a super hero without any powers or experience (other than reading a crap ton of comic books) is simply awesome! I love the world created here. This film has some of the best action scenes ever, an interesting story, amazingly eccentric characters (Nicolas Cage is in top form), and a cool soundtrack. This is why I go to the movies people!

2. INCEPTION: Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi Action movie is an intensely well-crafted film. The idea of invading someones dream scape to either take out or implant ideas (inception) is bad ass! This is the kind of movie that I have to snap out of when the credits role because it is such a captivating experience. A well directed and shot film that has one of the best casts in recent memory, some amazing visuals, and some fantastic action.

3. KNIGHT AND DAY: Tom Cruise is in absolute top form in this action comedy that has him as a secret agent who realizes he is not suppose to survive his latest mission. The fast pace, intense action, awesome characters, and good humor make this one amazing movie. Tom Cruise is the man!

4. THE A-TEAM: Now this is how you make a summer action blockbuster! This movie is pure action and a total blast. A group of war vets get framed for a crime they did not commit and they need to clear their name while on the run. This has some amazing action scenes that are simply jaw dropping. This movie has a fantastic cast of characters that play off each other so well. This is one well crafted action movie that is beautifully shot, has some truly awesome action sequences, and a great cast of characters. This one also has one of the best opening scenes in a movie ever! Nonstop action and comedy from start to finish!

5. SHUTTER ISLAND: This is hands down the smartest movie of the year. The story is so well crafted that it will ALWAYS have you guessing. This film is beautifully shot, with great direction by Martin Scorsese and has an amazing cast. This one will stay with you long after the credits role and will have you wanting to see it again to catch all the finely placed details. This film is highly under appreciated and deserves to be seen by anyone with a passion for great storytelling. Simply awesome.

6. THE FIGHTER: This is the surprise hit of the year for me. I found myself extremely captivated by this films story, cast of characters and setting. This is NOT a movie about boxing or sports. It’s about obtaining ones life dreams and the dynamic relationships we have with our family members through thick and thin. The style of this film is almost like a documentary and is a truly engaging experience. I felt a genuine connection to the characters and found myself cheering them on. I was often close to tears and highly recommend this to anyone who has not seen it yet. Christian Bale’s performance is a show stealer. believe it.

7. THE BOOK OF ELI: This movie really stuck with me. It’s one of those movies that you like more and more every time you see it. This film has a wonderful sense of atmosphere full of dread yet maintains a sense of hope. This is how you do post-apocalyptic! Denzel Washington owns in this movie and it is by far my favorite character of his to date. Also, the action sequences here are rhythmic, full of style and completely bad ass! Great characters, great story, intense action, and a fantastic setting makes this one of the best of the year!

8. SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD: This comic inspired movie brought to life by Edgar Wright is the most unique of the batch. This one has a style of its own inspired by all the music, movies, comic books, and video games our generation is known for. It was a blast to watch as Scott battled his way through his new girlfriends seven exes to win her heart. This unique movie will surely become a cult classic in the years to come and is a must-see for anyone who grew up in our media-centric world!

9. TRON: LEGACY: After nearly 30 years we get a sequel to TRON and it is awesome! This movie has a wonderful sense of style full of popping neon colors, a beautiful complimentary soundtrack by Daft Punk, some amazing action scenes, and a true sense of nostalgia. It also has Jeff Bridges reprising his role as digital world creator Kevin Flynn! While it may not win any awards for storytelling, it is a fun ride that is an amazing visual and audio feast for the imagination. This is cutting edge stuff!

10. TRUE GRIT: This year we get another Coen Brothers instant classic! This is the Coens at their best re-teaming with Jeff “the Dude” Bridges in this gritty western remake. This movie is all about the unique and dynamic characters. Each and every actor in this film is in top form and it really is a showcase of talent. This masterful revenge tale has wonderful characters, intense gritty action, creative dialogue, and is beautifully shot and directed. Jeff Brdges is a force to be reckoned with in what is one of his best performances to date. This movie rocks!