Now is as good a time as any to take pause and look back at the 2013 summer blockbusters that stand out as the cream of the Smallville crop! Those of you interested in comparing lists should take a gander at my Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Blockbusters of 2013 to see what films made it into both lists. I’ll give you a clue; not all the movies I wanted to be on this list made it, and a few came out of left field to impress this eager summer blockbuster loving nerd! Without further ado, here is my Top 5 Summer Blockbuster of 2013 list. Have a it!



PACIFIC RIM Movie Review

Let’s set things straight. The story here is paper thin and the characters are almost unwatchable (1998’s GODZILLA anyone!?). But let’s also be honest. Those elements are NOT why you bought a ticket to see PACIFIC RIM. You bought a ticket to see one of this generations most ambitious directors blow millions of dollars on an all out monsters vs. robots spectacle. If you lowered your cinematic expectations, grabbed a bucket of heart-bursting popcorn with extra butter, and turned your brain to “dumb fun mode” than you were treated to one of this summers biggest funfests! It really is pretty damn beautiful to watch and anime nerds deserved this one! Bring on an EVANGELION movie already!


ELYSIUM Movie Review

Again, this movie is pure dumb fun just as any self-respecting summer blockbuster should be right!? There was no way in hell ELYSIUM was going to be better than DISTRICT 9 and it really is not fair to compare the two so closely. While it was not as fantastic as I would have hoped (the story was weak sauce), ELYSIUM offered us a beautiful science fiction setting, great characters, kick ass weapons and vehicles, and an excuse to yell “Activate Kruger” and thrown crap around. Imagining this one on Blu-Ray makes me drool in anticipation. ACTIVATE KRUGER!!




Well I didn’t see this one coming. A good, nay great Wolverine movie! If X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was a chewed up rotten egg, THE WOLVERINE was the sweet sweet nectar we call beer that washed that crap down out throats. Yeah, it was that good. Sure it’s not the rated R Wolverine flick long time fans have been begging for, but it sure dis meet audiences in the middle delivering a smart, fun, and exciting Wolverine movie that I will likely be re-watching for quite some time. That said, this was just the appetizer for next summer’s X-MEN: DAY S OF FUTURE PAST.



IRON MAN 3 Movie Review

I don’t love Iron Man like most people do. I mean, I like the dude alright, he’s just not the coolest cat around in the over-populated Marvel Universe. However, Robert Downey Jr. sure does a hell of a job making me care about this guy. And I think now is a good time to say that IRON MAN 3 is the best of his cinematic trilogy. If it were up to me, this film should have been called TONY STARK. We get a lot less Iron and a lot more heart this time around with very interesting and smart characters, a great character-driven story, some wonderfully witty dialogue, and some bad ass action sequences that won’t even disappoint the most jaded of Marvel fans. This one is a winner!



MAN OF STEEL Movie Review

Sure this may be the predictable choice, but dammit MAN OF STEEL didn’t just get a perfect 10 out of 10 review for no reason! THIS is the Superman movie I have been waiting for my whole life. A focused story that skips the long-winded origin story we all know and love. Wonderfully smart and interesting characters including the best Lois Lane I have ever seen in anything. A hero with true emotional weakness that you can feel that isn’t just a glowing green stone. And last, but most definitely not least, the most amazing anf brutal action sequences I have seen in a very long time that delivered 100%. My jaw was dropped for 40 straight minutes near the end of this film. I just bought this one on Blu-Ray and it will likely overheat my player 10 times over by the amount of times I am going to re-watch this gem. I think the only thing that can top this masterpiece is the upcoming BATMAN VS SUPERMAN sequel due out in 2015. Here’s hoping!