Marvel Legacy, Marvel Comics / Art by Mark Brooks

1.MARVEL LEGACY #1 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron / Art by Esad Ribic

It’s comics like these that make me think Marvel is finally on the right track again. Then again, part of me thinks it’s just Jason Aaron being a bad ass as usual. He gets it. Marvel Legacy is a one-shot issue that looks at the entire Marvel Universe giving readers a good look at the big picture. This issue felt iconic, read smoothly, and had a few tricks up its sleeve. Yes there is at least one banana huge revelation to be found within these pages worth the price of admission alone. Granted, that price is 6 fucking dollars, but still, worth it.

The Walking Dead, Image Comics / Art by Charlie Adlard

2. THE WALKING DEAD #171 / Image Comics

Written by Robert Kirkman / Art by Charlie Adlard

Yes I kind of think AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD show is garbage. But I have never felt that way about the comic book. It’s been consistently fantastic the entire ride. This issue introduces a new and damn intriguing character into the mix. She’s got a bit of a screw loose, I don’t quite trust her, and she needs a visit from the fashion police. That said, she’s an interesting addition to this book.

Star Wars Annual, Marvel Comics / Art by Michael Walsh

3. STAR WARS ANNUAL #3 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Latour / Art by Michael Walsh

This STAR WARS one-shot took me by surprise. These “Annual” issues are generally hit or miss. This one just so happens to be a hit. This was a fun little adventure starring Leia and Han as they scout out a new headquarter location for the Rebel Alliance. Solid one-liners, cool bounty hunters, satisfying action, and a sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a blue butter cheese knife. Fun stuff.

4. SAGA #47 / Image Comics

Written by Brian K. Vaughn / Art by Fiona Staples

SAGA has always been fun. This issue was pretty damn fun. And SAGA will likely always be fun. This issue had a lot of classic throwback moments and read much like one of the original books. There were a lot of iconic throwbacks here and my main man The Will had some time to shine.

DARTH VADER, Marvel Comics / Art by Giuseppe-Camuncoli

5. DARTH VADER #5 / Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule / Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

What can I say about the ew ongoing Darth Vader book that I haven’t already said. This is a damn fine book telling the tale of Vader recently after the tragic events of REVENGE OF THE SITH. This issue felt very important and Vader is doing a whole hell of a lot of things in this book that help shape him into the complicated villain we all know and love. Get in on this book as soon as possible.

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