MOTRO, Oni Press / Art by Ulises Farinas

1. MOTRO #1 / Oni Press

Written by Ulises Farinas with Erick Freitas / Art by Ulises Farinas

Artist and writer Ulises Farinas’s MOTRO from Oni Press is something special. It’s the kind of book that just feels like a passion project from beginning to end. It’s just so damn fun and bristling with a cool creative vibe. While the MAD MAX influence is definitely strong, MOTRO still feels completely original and unique. It’s a stylish and well crafted romp into the mind of Farinas showcasing some interesting characters and some exciting action. Highly recommended.


TRINITY, DC / Art by Steve Epting

2. TRINITY #3 / DC Comics

Written by Francis Manapul / Art by Clay Mann and Seth Mann

So I came to the TRINITY party a little late and just picked up issues #1-3 this month. I’m so glad I caught up with this series and can safely say it ranks among some of the best since the new DC “Rebirth” relaunch. Each issue so far has focused on either Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman giving them all a solid story with some truly stellar art to compliment the words. TRINITY is just a single issue a month as opposed to most other “Rebirth” books that pump out 2 a month which is appreciated. 2 a month is just too much for any book no matter how much I like it. Basically, if you like Batman, Superman, and/or Wonder Woman you have to check out TRINITY. It’s great.


SEVEN TO ETERNITY, Image Comics / Art by Jerome Opena

3. SEVEN TO ETERNITY #3 / Image Comics

Written by Rick Remender / Art by  Jerome Opena

There has to be a point where writer Rick Remender writes something bad for Image. He’s responsible for DEADLY CLASS, BLACK SCIENCE, and LOW which are all completely amazing “must-read” books. I admit that the first 2 issues of SEVEN TO ETERNITY were a little slow, but hot damn after issue #3 I’m completely sold and looking forward to the next issue more than ever. The universe in SEVEN TO ETERNITY is so packed with untold lore and intrigue that I can’t wait to flesh it all out as each issue released revealing a little more. It’s post-apocalyptic goodness mixed with cool magic and technology all combining into something unique yet completely recognizable and fun. You need to check this book out people.


THE UNWORTHY THOR, Marvel / Art by Oliver Coipel

4. THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron/ Art by Oliver Coipel

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jane Foster Thor as seen in the pages of THE MIGHTY THOR, but I have to admit, I love me some original Thor and it’s good having him back in action. Will he ever wield the hammer again or will he be forever unworthy? By the looks of the title, he may be unworthy awhile longer. This premiere issue is just setting up the stage for what’s to come, but it feel right and feels like it’s leading to something huge. And here’s a pro tip for you, if you see the name “Jason Aaron” on anything chances are it’s going to be great. Aaron is truly one of the best writers in the business today.


OLD MAN LOGAN, Marvel / Art by Andrea Sorrentino

5. OLD MAN LOGAN #14 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire / Art by Filipe Andrade

The X-Men are my comic book bread and butter. Mainly because of my favorite character Cyclops. And I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Wolverine. That said, I still adore this book. The X-books are pretty crummy these days and OLD MAN LOGAN is definitely the strongest offering at the moment. While it adheres to the main universe, it feels like its own thing. And I thought having the main artist Andrea Sorrentino off the book for a few issues would be a problem, it tuns out that Andrade’s art is a breath of fresh air and actually works quite well here. This was a really fun issue that reminds me that Wolverine can still be pretty cool.

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