snotgirl image leslie hung

SNOTGIRL, Image Comics / Art by Leslie Hung

1. SNOTGIRL #1 / Image Comics

Written by Bryan Lee O’Malley / Art by Leslie Hung

Of course I’m going to check out a comic called “Snotgirl” starring a beautiful young woman with green ooze frothing from her schnoz. Wouldn’t you. From the mind behind SCOTT PILGRIM and SECONDS comes a tale about a fashion blogger who puts her best face forward on social media, but suffers from some serious allergies off-screen causing a thick neon green mucus to drip down her face. Pure gold if you ask me. This premiere issue was impressively fun and surprisingly intriguing. Well worth the read!

jupiters legacy image frank quitely

JUPITER’S LEGACY 2, Image Comics / Art by Frank Quitely

2. JUPITER’S LEGACY 2 #2 / Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar/ Art by Frank Quitely

Ok, so I have no idea what the hell is going on with this story. I mean, I know it’s about a superhero family with some serious issues and some global threats of some sort, but the storyline is kind of disjointed and messy struggling to fully connect with me. I will say it’s as intriguing as it is ambiguous. What I really pick this book up for is the completely stunning and fantastic artwork from Frank Quitely. This dude is the man! Each and every panel of this book is perfect. Just perfect. Nobody does action sequences better than this man. I think I’ll re-read the first arc of this series and see if I can make sense of it all. If not, the art is 110% worth the price of admission folks.

red hood and the outlaws rebirth 1 DC Guiseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Dean White

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS, DC Comics / Art by Guiseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Dean White


Written by Scott Lobdell  / Art by Dexter Soy

So I’m reading each and every #1 “Rebirth” issue of DC’s latest reboot to see if I’m missing out on any cool characters. And JACKPOT! I kind of forgot how kick ass the current Jason Todd version of Red Hood is. His costume is bad ass, he duel wields pistols, he hurts people more than Batman, and he has a dark and dynamic backstory. This book did absolutely everything I want a DC “Rebirth’ book to do; it reintroduces a great character and reminds me why he/she is so cool prompting me to add a new series to my pull list at the comic shop. Fans of Batman and all things cool need to read this book. Trust me, it’s good.

green arrow dc otto schmidt

GREEN ARROW, DC Comics / Art by Otto Schmidt

4. GREEN ARROW #2 / DC Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy / Art by Otto Schmidt

Another DC “Rebirth” book to put on your radar. GREEN ARROW is one of the best of the new crop because it also successfully reintroduces a cool ass character and makes me fall in love with him all over again. And this book definitely is different enough from The CW version for me to enjoy both for different reasons. And oh man, artist Otto Schmidt really hits a homer here. This book is gorgeous. There’s a lot to dig through in “Rebirth” and I can assure you GREEN ARROW is among the best.

old man logan Marvel Andrea Sorrentino

OLD MAN LOGAN, Marvel Comics / Art by Andrea Sorrentino

5. OLD MAN LOGAN #8 / Marvel Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire / Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Damn, X-MEN book really suck right now. I’ve read X-Men my entire life, always have kept up with these mutants and I can say without hesitation that now is the worst time to be an X-Men comic book fan. The main books in the series really suck at the moment and I fear the mutants are getting the shaft and being pushed out of the universe slowly but surely. Amongst the shit, OLD MAN LOGAN manages to shine. This is a pretty tragic version of Logan and it’s interesting watching him try and make sense out of the new universe he has been thrust into after the event of SECRET WARS. This is a great one-shot issue exploring his inner demons and how he manages to cope. A great read. If only other X-Men book were this good.

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