Ben Affleck and Rachel Weisz

Terrence Malick, resident hermit of American filmmaking, has been busy at work with a new movie set for US release this coming Spring 2013. It’s called TO THE WONDER and stars Ben Affleck (ARGO), Rachel McAdams (WEDDING CRASHERS), Olga Kurylenko (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) and Javier Bardem (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN). Anyone who has seen Malick’s last two films (THE TREE OF LIFE, THE NEW WORLD) knows that it doesn’t matter who stars in it. Malick will probably show a ton of beautiful cinematography, peppered in with philosophical voice overs and solemn-faced actors. TO THE WONDER debuted at Cannes in May 2012 to mixed reviews (THE TREE OF LIFE took home the festival’s top prize the previous year) and had difficulty finding American distribution. Word on the street is that the film has very little dialogue choosing to tell a story visually. Whether that sounds like esoteric hogwash or pure cinema is up to you. Watching the trailer in High Definition is a must.


For once, it appears that a trailer faithfully represents the tone and plot of its film. I have a feeling that the movie will be 112 minutes of that trailer. This preview does a good job in letting audiences know what they’re in for. There are no expectations set on the film other than, like all Malick films, the photography looks like it’ll be gorgeous and the music selection seems to support his lofty themes.

If you didn’t get enough sad Ben Affleck in ARGO or felt Javier Bardem could’ve used more monologues in SKYFALL then check out TO THE WONDER coming April 12th 2013. Sit in the front row.