George Perez, DC Comics

George Perez, DC Comics

An alleged “leak” of the Pilot script written by Akiva Goldsman and Mark Haimes for the upcoming Teen Titans live-action series (simply titled TITANS) being made for TNT has apparently revealed the roster for the team.  Bare in mind that the Pilot is still being developed and character changes and re-writes may occur before then, but reportedly these are the young superheroes that will soon be cast for the show:

1. Nightwing– the leader of the Titans.  Rumor has it that come the beginning of the show, Dick Grayson is still operating under the Robin identity, but will eventually adopt the mantle of Nightwing.  He has moved to Boston following breaking ties with Batman and establishes the Titans’ home base there.

2. Barbara Gordon– though not traditionally associated with the Titans, the former Batgirl has a romantic history with Grayson, so her inclusion in this version makes sense.  This interpretation of Babs will be in a wheelchair and acts as the team’s computer/technology expert, emulating the role she held for many years in the comics as the DC universe’s go-to tech guru/information broker Oracle.

3. Starfire– if the script leak is accurate, the fierce alien Tamaran princess won’t actually make her full appearance until the end of the Pilot episode.  Starfire a.k.a. Koriand’r, much like Barbara Gordon, has a long and complicated romantic relationship with Dick Grayson in the comics (they almost got married).  If the show runners decide to keep this aspect in the series, it may make for an interesting love triangle between her, Dick and Babs.  Hey, young heroes need their romantic tension!

4. Raven– the team’s human/demon hybrid will adopt the civilian identity of Rachel Roth that writer Geoff Johns created for her in the TEEN TITANS comics from the early 2000’s.  Also, like Starfire, she is reported to not make a full appearance in the script until the end.

5. Hawk & Dove– according to the leak, this will be the “Hank Hall and Dawn Granger” version of the heroic duo and the two are said to be involved in a romantic relationship.

Titans fans may notice the lack of team mainstays like Arsenal, Cyborg and Beast Boy.  Who knows?  Maybe they will appear down the line if the series proves to be a success.  Cyborg may be off-limits due to his expected cinematic debut in BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE with actor Ray Fisher portraying him.  And it has not been established yet if this series will share continuity with the CW shows ARROW and THE FLASH (incorporation into this universe may help resolve the Arsenal appearance).

No official start date for production on the Pilot has been reported yet.  Most likely, expect news on casting/filming down the line in mid or late 2015.

What do you think of this possible roster of live-action Titans?  Let us know below!