So there has been an awful lot of buzz surrounding the sequel to this summer’s THOR this week and I thought I’d catch everyone up to speed. The most notable bit of news is that THOR director Kenneth Branagh will NOT be returning and Marvel will soon be looking for someone to take his place. Marvel has however found a writer for the new movie named Don Payne who wrote the original THOR as well as the notable FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER and MY SUPER EX GIRLFRIEND.

In other THOR news, it can be assured that both Chris Hemsworth (A PERFECT GETAWAY, STAR TREK) AND Tom Hiddleston (MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, WAR HORSE), who played Thor and Loki, will be returning likely due to a contractual agreement of sorts. Nonetheless, good news. AND finally, the tentatively titled THOR 2 will be releasing in theaters on July 26th 2013. Wow that’s a long time from now!

So there you have it Thor fans! We will see Thor next on May 4th 2012 for the mega blockbuster event that is THE AVENGERS and then again on July 26th 2013 in THOR 2. Hopefully the sequel can focus more on Thor and his crew on Asgard this time instead of basically being a setup for THE AVENGERS. I would really love to see a true Thor movie without any limitations other than staying true to the source material. See you at the theaters!