Wow. I can’t believe we are going to be revisiting THE X-FILES later this month. The truth is out there…and so is a pair of undies I had to throw out from pissing myself with excitement. After 9 amazing seasons, 2 feature films, and 1 spin-off series we are rejoining agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully for more paranormal adventures. Series creator Chris Carter is back at the helm to bring us a 6-part mini-series to begin airing on Fox starting on Saturday January 24th 2016. Take a look at the official trailer and brace yourself for some genuine awesome.


Yes! Everything about this trailer is yes! It’s great seeing THE X-FILES back on television where it belongs. I’m not sure what kind of nerd gods are at work here, but damn this is going to be amazing. From the looks of this trailer, it appears they are going to pull on the old nostalgia strings quite a bit. Seeing the pencils on the ceiling was great and was it just me or did seeing the old “I Want to Believe” poster getting torn to shit break your heart? What!? I liked that poster. Seeing Mulder, Scully, Skinner (didn’t age a day!), and Smoking Man was exciting. Will The Lone Gunmen make an appearance? What about Agents Reyes and Doggett? I hear Reyes will cameo but Doggett will not. God dammit Doggett! I also hear there will be classic “monster of the week” episodes as well as main storyline episodes that will push the overreaching narrative forward. That’s a lot to do in just 6 episodes, but all the right elements are in place to tell an engaging and worthwhile story. Think of it as the length of a trilogy of films and you will feel better about everything. And I want to believe (see what I did there) this new series will be everything I hope it to be and maybe even more.

THE X-FILES returns January 24th 2016.