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Marty “I was made to make movies” Scorsese has a new film (starring who else? but Leo DiCaprio) that comes out this Autumn. It’s called THE WOLF OF WALL STREET based on memoirs about this guy who in the 80’s was super rich off Wall Street. The book (and ostensibly, the movie) is about his rise and fall GOODFELLAS style. The screenplay was penned by none other than Terence Winter of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and THE SOPRANOS fame. Oh, so that’s how he knows Marty. As with any Scorsese film, no trailer no matter how bad, can convince me not to see the film. The man is one of the greatest American directors of all time. Even when I don’t like his movies I still think they are so well-made and have a ton going on beneath the surface. Enough blabbering, let’s take a look at the first bit of video marketing for this movie.


Bam, boom, pow! This movie will move quickly. Scorsese in “crazy excess” mode (think BRINGING OUT THE DEAD or AFTER HOURS) and I’m all the grateful for it. Haven’t seen him looking this freewheeling in a while. It’s also nice to see Leo looking a little less self aware and a lot more comfortable in letting go (I think we can all thank Tarantino for that). Despite how the trailer makes this look like it’s THE GREAT GATSBY: 1980’s, I am really pumped for this mostly because of who’s behind the camera but also that supporting cast. Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill look transformed and lost in their roles while the former has had quite the banner year and a half (please watch KILLER JOE and BERNIE). The hair, the clothes the cars. It’s all there and very 80’s. Not to mention the .GIF that changed the world. Count me in.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET chows down on US theaters November 15, 2013.