The Sony Playstation Store has been offline for over a month now due to the entire network being attacked by hackers. As a result, Sony shut down the network completely to restructure. The online gaming features returned a few weeks ago while the actual store has been offline until now. 

Since the store has been down for so long, there is a crap ton of items ready for purchase and download. To get a complete list of these additions, head on over to the Playstation Blog. More content is said to be released on June 3rd and regular updates will be returning the following week.

Also, you may have heard that Sony will be offering current Playstation Network users a bunch of free full version games for digital download as compensation for the lack of a working network for so long. This offer is referred to as “Welcome Back” content and all the details concerning what you can get for free can be found by clicking HERE thanks to While the store is now up, Sony has said that the “Welcome Back” offers are not yet available but will be very soon. I’m guessing sometime next week. So the store is finally up and all those free games are going to be here very soon. Hurray!