‘My name is Jay Garrick and your world is in danger.’

I could just end my trailer recap with that one line. What. Listen, it’s a massive ‘no duh’ that ARROW and FLASH have figured out the perfect formula that has fans feverishly beating away their sweatpants boners.   They don’t hold back and drop enough Easter eggs to make a super radical nerd omelette.  At some random DC TV meeting, someone stood up and said ‘Wait.  We have all these characters.  We own ALL of them.  Lets just over saturate each show with as much awesomeness that we can.  Hell, lets even make our most two popular shows cross over with each other all the time. Wait.  Why haven’t we done this before?’  Because, you were too busy making a BIRDS OF PREY TV show and only showed Batman’s shadow in the opening credits.  You made a FLASH TV show and had him fighting bank robbers and no name villains. You made a WONDER WOMAN show that was going to focus more on her civilian life and less on her heroic side.   You made a school full of mutants attending the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and never once showed any popular X-MEN.

FLASH works.  ARROW works. Lets keep this party going! ***SPOILER ALERT! The last season of FLASH ended with Barry Allen erasing Eobard Thawne from existence and creating a quantum singularity above Central City.  This is brilliant.  What this does is allow the writers of the show to go in any direction that they want. You’ve just introduced the existence of multiple Earths… you can bring in a ‘Batman’ from Earth 654.  You can bring in a Harrison Wells that was never swapped out by a evil time traveler from the future.  A universe where Barry is evil.  A universe where his mother never died.  They can literally do whatever they want this season and it’ll make sense.  I’m more than okay with that.  The villain of this season seems to be Professor Zoom and his plan is to send as many bad guys as he can into Barry’s reality to defeat him.  Awesome, right? The writers of the show are no longer chained to the idea that all superpowered beings needed to be created by the turbo atom glider thingie from season 1.  Actually, what does the death of Thawne mean for the show?  Did any of it still happen?  I mean, he was never there to start the collider so… MY BRAIN!  END OF SPOILER ALERT!*** Lets just wait to see what happens.  We all know it will be awesome.

THE FLASH Returns to the CW on October 6th!