All I want to talk about is Constantine jumping from NBC to the CW after his show was canceled.  I can write an entire book about why that is the coolest thing that’s happened on television in years. I’m not going to talk about Diggle’s mask.  I need to see how it looks on the show before I talk smack. Happy Oliver. Magic. Ray Palmer dead? (Nope. Just shrunk) HOLY SHIT. Why does Season 4 of ARROW look so damn good? Why am I surprised by this?  Every season is on point.  Arrow point.  Never mind.

I’m not going to write a breakdown of this trailer.  I’m not going to talk about the other trailers that have since been released after this one.  I mean, do I talk about ARROW putting an engagement ring in a cupcake for Felicity?  Does this ensure that they are going to break up this season?  Sara is back.  Thanks a lot Lazarus pit.  Seriously, don’t keep bringing people back. My heart can’t take it.  Speaking of… Thea seems to be showing signs of the ‘Ra’s Al Gul Lazarus pit’ madness.  Also, did you know that Constantine is making an appearance on this season of ARROW?  Wild, I know!

Listen.  I know you watch ARROW.  I know you love it.  I know you know why this season is going to be outstanding.  We have it working parallel to FLASH’s second season.  Also, crossing over with the new LEGENDS OF TOMORROW show.  Matt Ryan was born to play Constantine and the important people knew that they had to resurrect him for ARROW (Did you like that the first thing you see of him is a cigarette butt? Take that NBC!). Diggle is in the field.  Past Oliver is starting to become a superhero. Damien Darhk is bringing the magic. This season looks like it’s going to be bonkers and I can’t wait for it!

Arrow Season 4 starts on Oct. 7th on the CW!