UPDATE: It looks like the tides have shifted yet again and Simon West (CON AIR) will now be the director of THE EXPENDABLES 2!

Thanks to Expendables Premiere we get word that THE EXPENDABLES 2 will star AND be directed by Stallone himself once again. Reports earlier in the year suggested that Stallone would reprise his starring role but he would hand directing duties off to someone else. Looks like those reports will not come true after all and we will have Sly in the directing chair once again where he belongs.

While no official word on what cast members are returning, you can expect the majority to come back for more ass kicking. There are also rumblings that Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will have expanded roles as opposed to their cameo appearances in the first installment. Seems like a prime opportunity for Schwarzenegger to return to film. Just saying. I would personally love to see new cast members join up too such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jean Claude Van Damme just to name a few.

THE EXPENDABLES 2 has a release date slated for August 17th 2012.